Friday, July 24, 2009

VEA Supports Creigh Deeds for Governor of Virginia

The VEA Fund for Children and Public Education Executive Committee and VEA Fund Directors voted on July 23, 2009 to recommend to our members the candidacy of Creigh Deeds for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the November 2009 election.

Our choice was based in large part upon Creigh’s proven record as an advocate and friend of public education and the public education professionals who work in our public schools.

Unlike the previous two governors who had no voting record to look to as a predictor, Creigh has a proven VEA voting record. His voting record of 93.5% compared to his opponent’s 52% voting record was just one factor that was taken into consideration, but in addition, the VEA Fund leaders took into account that in 2004, Creigh voted for Governor Mark Warner’s budget which provided an additional $1.5 million for public education. In 2008, Creigh sponsored SB267 which supported bringing Virginia teacher salaries to the national average; and Creigh also supported the ESP Health Care Credit which has been a part of our VEA Legislative agenda.

Creigh sees funding for public schools as an investment, not an expense. Unlike his opponent, he is absolutely opposed to vouchers and tuition tax credits.

Additionally, in recent days, Creigh's opponent released a proposal for addressing Virginia’s dire transportation problem with funds that would literally pit the need for road construction against the need to fund Virginia’s public schools.

The choice was clear. Virginia needs strong leadership to address the transportation crisis without pitting it against the education of our children.

I hope that our members will join me in supporting Creigh’s campaign in every way that they can. I am asking that they work in his local campaign by walking neighborhoods, working phone banks, contributing much needed VEA Fund dollars, and ultimately, getting out the vote in November.

I would also ask members of the general public to consider voting for Creigh Deeds for Governor of Virginia in 2009. He is a man of principle, and he will work hard to move Virginia forward.

This is a critical juncture for public education in Virginia. The VEA could not afford not to weigh in on this campaign, and I believe that we must help Creigh become the next Governor of Virginia.