Sunday, October 18, 2009

VEA Members Walk for Friends of Public Education

Saturday, October 17th was the day that the Virginia Education Association selected to walk for our friends who are running for office in the General Assembly, for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General. We might have been able to pick a worse day weather-wise, but we would have had to work at it. In spite of the drizzly rain and chilly temperatures, however, dozens of our members turned out to canvas neighborhoods for our friends.

In Fairfax, we kicked off the day with a Rally for Creigh Deeds, our recommended candidate for Governor. Creigh joined us at the FEA Office and dozens of volunteers were there to cheer him on and gear up to either walk neighborhoods or work phone banks.

A huge thank you goes out to the FEA for their offering of the FEA office for the event. It was a great collaborative effort as not only did the FEA step up, but I was able to attend representing the state affiliate, and we were honored to have our Immediate Past President and current NEA Executive Committee member, Princess Moss who joined us for the event.

In addition to having Princess with us, another NEA officer also volunteered his Saturday. NEA Executive Committee member, Len Paolillo of Massachusetts walked with House of Delegates representative, Paul Nichols and members of the Prince William Education Association. I know that there were other walks that were being conducted all over the state, and I look forward to receiving reports from folks as to how their day went.

In addition to attending our own Rally for Creigh Deeds on Saturday morning, I also attended a rally at the Mason District Park in Fairfax where Governor Tim Kaine was traveling with Creigh and Jody Wagner, the candidate for Lt. Governor. We are also recommending Jody for that office along with Steve Shannon who is our recommended candidate for Attorney General.

The day was miserable weather-wise, but the good feeling being generated by our hopes that Creigh can come from behind one more time and prevail in this election was palpable. As Creigh himself said yesterday, we have 17 days and he's only 7 points down. As I have been saying for weeks now, I believe that our VEA members can make the difference in this race. We must make the difference. We know that Creigh is committed to taking Virginia forward--not taking us backward. We know that Creigh is committed to making Virginia's public schools the best in the nation. We know that his rhetoric matches his record. We know we can count on Creigh.

The day was topped off with the great news that the Washington Post has also recognized that Creigh should be the next Governor of Virginia. They offered an endorsement for Creigh in their "Mr. Deeds for Governor" article late last night.

We have just over 2 weeks to go.

Election day is November 3, 2009.

We have a lot of work to do, but we CAN do it.

Until next time.