Friday, June 25, 2010

Membership Organizing and Preparing for New Orleans

The past few weeks have been a blur of activity with travel to the Tidewater region twice in two days for retirement festivities and trips on two different occasions in a week to Piedmont UniServ to meet with leaders as we discussed membership organizing plans for back to school activities in August and September. The photo to the left is of a group of leaders from Martinsville and Henry County who met to discuss their respective and collective membership organizing plans. A week later, I met with leaders from Danville and Pittsylvania County in a morning meeting at George Washington High School in Danville and then traveled to South Boston where I met with leaders from Halifax County.

When not on the road traveling, I have been in meetings in Richmond meeting with a variety of folks on a variety of issues. Just today, I spent a little time with the trainers who will be taking the new Association Activist training on the road next month. We are planning a lot of good work in the area of building membership around important issues that we hope will spark interest and engage our members in locals all across the state. We need to make an intentional effort in a concerted manner to get out the good word about the good work that we are doing for our members.

This weekend, I will be packing and preparing for the 2010 annual Representative Assembly that is scheduled to be held in New Orleans.

I admit, the prospect of the heat and humidity dampens to a certain extent my enthusiasm for New Orleans in July. I have been to the Big Easy at other times of the year that are far more pleasant weather wise. But in spite of the heat, I am sure we will have a fabulous convention. There is much to be dealt with as far as important association business, and of course, it is always great to see friends from around the country that we don't see any other time of year except for the RA.

Because I will be away for the convention and then have the state meetings of the Compensation Conference and PALS Conference in Charlottesville and then NCSEA in Minneapolis, it will be a few weeks before I get a chance to post another entry on this blog. After I return from Minneapolis I will be preparing for a well deserved vacation!

So, until next time, happy travels and enjoy your summer in spite of this oppressive heat wave. It is, at least, the season of vacation and fun!