Monday, November 1, 2010

The Month of October Has Come and Gone

I last posted almost a month ago. I have been on the road almost nonstop ever since then...or at least it feels that way.

Since last writing, I have attended a joint meeting of state presidents and state executive directors, attended several pre-legislative dinners including Abingdon and Roanoke, attended our annual VEA All Committee Day, and attended the annual Fall VEMA Conference in Hampton.

The photo is from one of the several committees that met in Richmond on October 23 for our annual All Committee Day event. Several standing committees (Special Education, Public Relations, Women's and Minority Concerns), the Ad Hoc Committee on a Bristol Convention, and the PR & R Commission all met to discuss the various issues and concerns pertaining to their areas of interest. We came together for a luncheon where we talked about the upcoming election (don't forget to vote tomorrow), our VEA Fund for Children and Public Education fundraising goal, and we watched a PowerPoint presentation that Doris Boitnott, Membership Organizing Specialist, had put together regarding the successes of our organization over the years. The PowerPoint served as a powerful reminder of the hard times our organization has faced in the past. It is also a powerful reminder that we can be successful in the future...but we must not lose faith or hope.

This next month promises to be a busy one as well. Our VEA Board of Directors will be meeting mid-November, and we will be undertaking a number of important issues. We will also be entertaining some special guests including our new 2011 Teacher of the Year, LaTonya Waller. LaTonya is a science teacher in Richmond City and she is a proud VEA member. We will also be entertaining Secretary of Education Gerard Robinson who will be attending his first VEA function since he took his position almost a year ago.

I hope not to be so long in posting again, but that is about all I have for tonight. On this eve of the 2010 mid-term election, I just want to remind you again of the importance of voting tomorrow. It is our civic duty to participate in this and in every election.

Until next time.